Our highly trained team of snow removal and management experts offers the best snow care services available in Michigan. Our large fleet of snowplows, pushers and removal equipment guarantees that we can handle any and all snow clearing jobs. We also offer contingency and emergency snow removal plans for blizzards or other large, long-lasting storms that drop 8-inches or more of snow at one time.

Ultimate Landscaping is committed to ensuring our customer’s walkways and parking lots remain completely safe after we have finished plowing. Our salt is pre-wetted to guarantee it will act faster and work better, even at colder temperatures or in heavy storms. In addition to this, our tanker trucks are fitted with wide reaching sprayers to evenly spread liquid de-icing products to further ensure lot safety. With tons of salt and calcium chloride on hand, our snow removal teams arrive thoroughly prepared to make sure your facility stays safe and ice free after a snow fall.

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